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Video reviews of the NYX and the NYX Mod2 titanium rimfire silencers. See the lightweight NYX line of silencers put through their paces and evaluated by shooters on YouTube. Listen to the silencer tested on a variety of host weapons platforms in these tests.
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Videos & Media

The videos below show the NYX and the NYX Mod2 titanium silencers being put to the test and evaluated with a variety of host weapons platforms and cartridges. For more reviews and videos please visit our Instagram Page

Wound Channel Review

Suppressed Nation Review

The YouTube videos below showcase internal test and evaluation performed by Energetic Armament. Our engineers continually push the limits of technology and materials science to bring the highest performance silencers to the shooting community. Rigorous test & evaluation, at every step of the development process, has allowed the NYX and the NYX Mod2 silencers to achieve best-in-class light weight without sacrificing sound attenuation or strength even when firing the highest power rimfire cartridges.

Thermal Stress Testing

NYX PS-90 Stress Test