Nyx Titanium Silencer - Energetic Armament, LLC
The NYX rimfire silencer is an all titanium suppressor weighing a light 3.6 oz while being fully rated for 22LR, 17HMR and 5.7x28mm. Superior sound reduction with a 7 k-baffle design. It is 100% titanium to handle hard use and aggressive cleaning. Standard 1/2-28 RH direct threaded mount with fully removable end caps requiring no special tools.
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Nyx Titanium Silencer

NYX™ Silencer 


The NYX™ Silencer is the result of extensive engineering, testing and advanced CNC manufacturing to optimize a high performance, all-titanium rimfire silencer. It’s aerospace-inspired tube design represents the state-of-the-art in engineered firearms components.  This direct thread (1/2-28RH) silencer features a seven k-baffle design to provide superior sound reduction while maintaining an extremely light weight at only 3.6 oz. This represents best-in-class low weight for an all-titanium suppressor rated for 22LR, 22WMR, 17HMR and FN 5.7x28mm. 


The NYX™ Silencer features a unique, patented, outer tube with aerospace-style weight reduction webbing. This produces an extremely light weight, rigid tube. Titanium is used for all components for several reasons including high strength-to-weight ratio and extreme corrosion resistance. The outer tube features a shot peened finish that is a natural matte dark gray or an optional Cerakote® Graphite Black.  


Titanium is naturally corrosion resistant so no coating is needed however an optional Cerakote® Graphite Black C-Series High-Temp finish is available for shooters who prefer a black finish. Rimfire shooting is extremely dirty and makes cleaning any silencer every 500-1000 rounds necessary. Because of titanium’s chemically inert properties, the NYX™ Silencer can be cleaned with aggressive solvents and cleaning solutions without fear of damage unlike aluminum and stainless silencers. Your suppressor will stay looking sharp even after lots of use and cleaning. Both end caps are removable without the need for special tools making disassembly and reassembly simple. 


 Key NYX™ Silencer specifications:


  • Weight: 3.6oz (102 g) – lightest all titanium silencer in it’s class!
  • Length: 5.6 in. (142 mm) x Dia. 1 in. (25mm)
  • Material: 100% titanium- All components machined in the US from US origin, DFAR certified 6Al-4V (Gr. 5) and 3Al-2.5V (Gr. 9) alloy
  • Mounting: 1/2-28 RH Standard Direct Thread
  • Rating: 22LR (Full Auto), 22WMR, 17HMR, FN 5.7x28mm
  • Design: 7 K-baffle w/ webbed tube and removable end caps, 13/16 in. standard hex



NYX™ Silencer finish options:


  • Natural Finish: Natural titanium matte shot peened tube w/ bright end caps – MSRP $385 (SKU: EA00)
  • Black Finish: Cerakote® Graphite Black C-Series High-Temp – MSRP $410 (SKU: EA01)




Nyx silencer

Click here for the full user manual & instructions: NYX_Instructions_R2_10-16-17